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Mental Health Tip of the Day: You Can’t Always Do It (And That’s Okay)

I hate bailing on people. I hate canceling plans at the last minute and I hate making up excuses for it because I don’t want to tell anyone I’m too bipolar to leave my house at that moment. But sometimes, that’s the case – I get depressed or tired spontaneously, and suddenly the plans I made this morning that sounded so fun seem like torture to me now. After years of forcing myself to follow through with social engagements while my mental symptoms acted up (which is hell on Earth), I have finally learned to admit that I just can’t be normal sometimes, and it’s okay to back out from social commitments and other so-called obligations. Tell your friends you can’t go camping this weekend because you prefer to stay inside. Ask your date to reschedule getting coffee. The inconvenience you put on them is nothing compared to how awful you’re going to feel if you have to go out when you’re not feeling up to it. And if you can, try not to feel guilty about it – after all, none of it is your fault.

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