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Clusterfuck Masterpiece

Clusterfuck Masterpiece

A Poem

Image: Shout! Factory

sprawling mental utopia

orbital insomnia

locked in the universal hum


familiar in silhouette

lullaby in retrospect

bound in love and time and chewing gum


fields of creativity

family of strangers

flight of intimacy


parody and clarity

deliberate recklessness

a little bit of mystery goes a long way


colors of comedy

flavors of anarchy

fragrance of therapy


exaggerated and saturated

heavily sedated

clusterfuck masterpiece


what color is the sky in your world?

what color is the sky in your world?

One thought on “Clusterfuck Masterpiece

  1. Responding to your Twitter invitation to post our own poems, mine follows below.

    I’ve briefly mentioned to you that I took a creative writing course at university one year. Each week we had to write one prose piece and one poem, based on allocated themes. We also had to write feedback on everyone else’s submissions, and respond to the feedback we’d received.

    Most of what I wrote was rubbish. But there is one poem in particular I’m still proud of. Our assignment that week was to write poetry about poetry itself, and my poem is called “Formation”. I hope you like it.

    A particle, a fragment
    Of a vision, of a thought
    Lies dormant in deep places
    Unknown, unfelt, unsought
    Then stirs, then quickly rises
    To that call so clearly heard
    Takes its place upon the page
    Becomes a word.

    A river, gently flowing
    In each drop the legacy
    Of something beautiful or painful
    Of some hope or memory
    Spills from my mind, my shoulder
    By that call compelled to climb
    Through my hand, my pen, my paper
    To a line.

    A landscape, shaped within me
    Out of everything I’ve known
    All I’ve dreamt of, hoped for, yearned for
    All that truly is my own
    Seeks the call of inspiration
    Finds a long-awaited birth
    Solidifies, materialises
    Is a verse.


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