Poems and Music

The Tea Song

Listen to the song here.

The Tea Song


I never sat right next to you in class before

but I wanted to

be next to you


so today I took the chair right next to yours

I fixed my hair

and waited there


but when you walked in you didn’t take that chair at all

you coughed and sneezed and sat right down against the wall

I couldn’t see your pretty face at all


it had been a week since I had seen you

I couldn’t bear

your empty chair


so I left my disappointment in the classroom

and went to Coffee Bean

to buy you tea


but I got back as everyone was leaving

I looked and looked but you were nowhere to be seen

twenty lonely minutes with our tea


ready to give up I finally found you

my heart raced

to see your face


I told you I got tea and heard you had the flu

so I bought two

this one’s for you


but you didn’t move, just smiled and said, “Thank you, but

that’s really okay, I just had a cup”

I wish you had just told me to give up


it may look like it’s full, but it’s plain to see

your cup of tea

is half empty

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