I Wrote A Short Story! You Can Buy It Now On Amazon!

The Satellite by me (Zoe Plait) is available right here!

I distinctly remember the moment when, at age 16, I realized that having depression is like being trapped alone in space.

girl alone

It seemed like such a fitting simile that I decided to write it down – and it quickly turned into an allegory for my whole life, starting with the moment borderline personality disorder starting tingling in the depths of my brain when I was 11.

The idea turned into a story draft, which morphed into many more drafts, which finally reached its completed book form very recently, in a short story I titled The Satellite.

The book is about depressive psychosis, growing up sick, and what depression really feels like on the inside. It’s about me, but I’m sure it’s also about a lot of other people, too. If you’ve known depression, I hope you find comfort in the familiarity of the world I’ve written. If you haven’t known depression – welcome to our world.

The Satellite is available to buy on Amazon right here, right now.

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