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Sunlight Years

sunlight years edited

Listen to the song here.

Sunlight Years

I’ve written you a song, I rewrite it every year
Hope you understand by now that I’m sincere

Your eyes still let me know that everything will be okay
Did you really think I’d let you get away?

You’re glowing like the sun, you are light from the north star
I could not begin to tell you everything you are

The memories we’ve made, all the times that we’ve been through
The best years of my life, I’ve spent them all with you

You keep me warm, you’re why I’m living
All the pain inside of me
Melted by love you’re giving
And now I can finally breathe
I know I am free

You spin me round and round
Darling, you’ve turned my whole world upside down
You’ve given me reason to give thanks
And drawn a permanent smile on my face

Find me when I’m lost, sew me up when I’m undone
Show me what the world can be when life is fun

I never have to fear, ’cause even when I’m all alone
I can hear you singing for me to come home

Bless the moment I swam up onto your shores
And gave you everything that’s mine
Now I am whole and I am yours
And I know that I’m alive
I think I’ll be fine

I spin round, but I’m on the ground
Darling, you’ve turned my whole heart inside out
You’re the antidote to every poison
And the balm to all my pain
When all I see is darkness and the night has won
Your sunlight still remains

I’m not inclined to ever say you won’t be mine
Sweetie pie
I know I swoon too easily
But you have cast a spell over and through me

And I have been healed
I’ve never felt so down-to-Earth
This rebirth, I credit all to you my darling
Bless your timeless old-fashioned charm

I have found my voice
And though it may have happened years ago
You are still here
My love will only grow
Thank you dearest for all that you do
Here’s to a life of sunlight years with you

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