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Surprise Update: I Published Another Book!

The book is called Borderline and you can buy it on Amazon here. It features dark poetry about sickness, lost loves, and other broken things. The book celebrates the rich depths of sorrow to which people are capable of plunging, and the beautiful things we find in the black holes we come across every now and again.

Borderline front cover

This book is the third in a line of publications I’ve released in the last year, each of which deals with issues related to mental health. This newest release, Borderline, addresses the sadness and anger inherent to any mood disorder. Its sister book of poems, Paper Stars, focuses instead on the light that shines through the holes of the fabric of misery. They are love poems about the shiniest, most colorful things I could imagine: science fiction, San Francisco, and my life. You can find it here.

Paper Stars cover

My first book, a short story entitled The Satellite, ties these themes together in a narrative about a young girl who awakens mysteriously on a space ship orbiting Earth with room enough for only one occupant. Totally alone, she must navigate the disease that is always strengthening its grip on her psyche, and survive a lonely psychotic breakdown. Find it here.

Satellite DONE FRONT

The pieces in each of these books have been coming together very slowly over the past decade, and collectively tell the story of my endless attempts to seek out light in an otherwise very dark existence. The jury is out on whether I’ve been successful on that point, but at least I got some good poetry out of it.

Thanks for you support*, and remember to take your meds.


*A portion of each book sale goes straight back to me so that I’m able to publish more books and continue writing this blog. If you’re interested in making further donations to my writing, please head on over to my Patreon by clicking here. Whether you pledge one dollar or fifty, you’ll receive a personalized reward from me.


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