Poems and Music

Three Short Poems And An Announcement

I realized yesterday that instead of aimlessly talking to myself all the time, I should turn on a camera and share my thoughts with the world. Videos are like blog posts, but a little more improvised and personal, which I like. I have lots of thoughts that don’t make it onto the page, so my YouTube channel (Zoe Plait) is where I’ll put them.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to make a video every day, but I’ll do them when I can. Here’s yesterday’s video, which is also the first one: “Irrational Feelings”. And here’s today’s video: “Core Personality”.

Now for some poetry!


My therapist told me it’s okay not to be perfect.

So I wrote this shitty poem.


“Picnic Weather”

It’s been raining sideways all day

But the trees are still on fire.

It’s nice, really.

Picnic weather.


“Mortal Coil”

To be, or not to be,

      That is a stupid question.

            For you will do both.


That’s all for today, folks. Your regularly scheduled doom and gloom will resume tomorrow morning. Please check back this Thursday 9/13 for a big important post.



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