So, it’s been a while, huh?

I apologize for my absence from this blog. It’s been more than a year since I posted anything new, but I’m very happy to announce that I’m back on my bullshit, and I’m resurrecting Miss Misery. 

The new content will be a little different than it was before. To help explain my plans, and also why I’ve been gone so long, here’s a Q&A I conducted with myself. 

Me: So, let me begin by asking you the question on everyone’s mind: what the hell?

Me: That’s fair.

Me: Anywho, what kind of work do you plan on posting on Miss Misery?

Me: I have some new article ideas, so if you liked my blogs of yesteryear, you can expect more of that. The only difference is I’m spending more time on each article – which means I’ll post them less often, but they’ll also be really good. Hopefully.

Me: How often will new articles go up?

Me: No idea. I probably won’t post them on a consistent schedule. I used to update Miss Misery three times a week, but it was pretty exhausting, especially since I’m such an emotionally volatile space cadet.     

Me: You articulate your mental illness well, which is both charming and kinda scary. 

Me: Thanks!

Me: What’s up with your new music page?

Me: A couple years ago I released an EP of original songs. I’m really proud of that music, but I recorded it in my bedroom with a MIDI keyboard and a single microphone, so it sounds less than… good. However, I’ve found a really cool studio here in Minneapolis where I’m gonna rerecord those songs professionally – and soon! I’ve been practicing the hell out of them and I’m really excited to release the new tracks.

Me: Where can people find your music once it’s out?

Me: The shiny new album, which I’m calling The Broken Void, will be on my Bandcamp page. If all goes well, I plan to put it on Spotify, too. I’ll also plaster these links all over my social media before the album debuts. And if you really wanna listen to the original bedroom demos, they’re free to hear on Bandcamp.

Me: So you’re living in Minneapolis? Again: what the hell?

Me: It’s been a big year.

Me: Any other new ideas percolating in that mildly off-putting brain of yours?

Me: I’m expanding my catalog of work for sale! Canvas prints of my artwork are now available in any size – check out my art page to see what’s up. My Patreon is also getting a makeover soon. New rewards for patrons are coming in the form of drawings, music, and other cool stuff, in addition to the rewards that’re already there.

Me: Where can you be contacted?

Me: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are all good options. My official email is, and there’s a contact form on this site as well. Or you could just scream into the void. I check that about once a week.

Me: Any last words for your readers out there?

Me: That’s… ominous. Uh, thank you for supporting the arts, especially my arts. I’m really excited to open up my imagination to you. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to vote.

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