photo edit by the indelible Isaac Tipton Snyder

Zoe Plait, also known as Miss Misery, is a Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter, author, and painter. A lifelong middle school goth, Zoe is fulfilling her dream of being a rock star. She began writing music as a small child, when The Little Mermaid inspired her to sing (and, later, to dye her hair red). In 2018, she released her first original album, which she recorded at home and titled October Morning. A professional recording of the album, retitled The Broken Void, will be available later in 2020.

Zoe was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder at age 20, which explained a lot. Her treatment journey continues to inspire her to blog about her thoughts and misadventures with BPD. She hopes her story is validating for others who battle mental health problems.

In her free time, Zoe enjoys collecting orange things. She’s also into dressing fancy, the Green Bay Packers, cracking bad puns, breakfast food, teasing people from Wisconsin (unless they’re the Green Bay Packers), and watching the colors in her mind float by. Sometimes pictures of dogs make her cry. Scientifically speaking, she is the world’s number one fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Trace Beaulieu once described her as “a super-fan, but also, like, a normal person”.

Zoe’s astrological sign is a pumpkin.

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