Hi! I’m Zoe Misery. I’m a Minneapolis-based writer, knitter, singer/songwriter, and painter. Welcome to my blog; it’s nice to have you.

On this site, you’ll find my articles about depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and other psychiatric problems that I struggle with. I’m passionate about making mental illness visible and comprehensible to promote compassion for those who suffer.

I’m working on my first novel, Misery and Mystery, which is a sci-fi/horror story loosely based on my experiences growing up with borderline personality disorder. I hope it feels validating for other people with mental health problems. 

The vast majority of my free time is spent knitting beanies. Many of them are for sale on my Etsy site, Little Knitting Machine. Each one is delicately hand-crafted from high-quality wool that I buy from local independent yarn shops. I’ve been teaching myself to knit since 2019 and I’ve found it’s a great way to stay sane. 

I publish this blog weekly, along with The Miss Misery Newsletter. Both are free. My updates cover mental health topics that are on my mind, my progress on my novel, fun knitting content, pictures of my cats Yara and Pumpkin, and more. 

You can follow me on Etsy, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube.


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