Earthworms/Childhood Insanity

I've heard many different arguments about when and how people with borderline personality disorder initially develop symptoms. Is the illness so thoroughly genetic that indicators of it can be observed from birth? Or do those diseased genes have to be triggered by an event or series of events that occurs when the child is a… Continue reading Earthworms/Childhood Insanity


The Hardest Part of Being Depressed

Recently, in a Q&A with my readers, I was asked, "What's the greatest challenge you face every day?" I was immediately intrigued by the question, because I tend to think about my struggles with mental illness on a sliding scale, not in absolutes. So instead of thinking about a particular problem as the "greatest" challenge… Continue reading The Hardest Part of Being Depressed


Seven Challenges of Late-Stage Depression

*To help support this blog and get unique, personalized articles from me, check out my Patreon here! Seven Challenges of Late-Stage Depression Fatigue, feeling hopeless, lack of motivation, and changes in sleep and diet - these are some of the problems that can be observed from the earliest days of many depressive episodes. However, after… Continue reading Seven Challenges of Late-Stage Depression


Treating Medication-Resistant Depression

As it turns out, I don't respond to psychiatric medication. I've tried dozens of mood-lifting pills in the past decade, and none of them has consistently worked. Those that do create any beneficial effect usually only do so mildly, and they wear off in a matter of weeks, leaving me just as despondent as I… Continue reading Treating Medication-Resistant Depression


Medical Doctors Need Better Mental Health Education

*Trigger warning: Mild wrist-cutting. Note: Though masochism plays an important role in this story, I won't analyze it too deeply here, because it's beside the point of this article. I'll save that for other essays, like this one. ... This is a recounting of the disrespectful and ignorant way I was treated by supposed medical… Continue reading Medical Doctors Need Better Mental Health Education