Seven Challenges of Late-Stage Depression

*To help support this blog and get unique, personalized articles from me, check out my Patreon here! Seven Challenges of Late-Stage Depression Fatigue, feeling hopeless, lack of motivation, and changes in sleep and diet - these are some of the problems that can be observed from the earliest days of many depressive episodes. However, after… Continue reading Seven Challenges of Late-Stage Depression


Treating Medication-Resistant Depression

As it turns out, I don't respond to psychiatric medication. I've tried dozens of mood-lifting pills in the past decade, and none of them has consistently worked. Those that do create any beneficial effect usually only do so mildly, and they wear off in a matter of weeks, leaving me just as despondent as I… Continue reading Treating Medication-Resistant Depression


Medical Doctors Need Better Mental Health Education

*Trigger warning: Mild wrist-cutting. Note: Though masochism plays an important role in this story, I won't analyze it too deeply here, because it's beside the point of this article. I'll save that for other essays, like this one. ... This is a recounting of the disrespectful and ignorant way I was treated by supposed medical… Continue reading Medical Doctors Need Better Mental Health Education


Normal: Part Two

In my last post, "Normal: Part One", I described my teenage lifestyle as a stubborn, gothic young woman with undiagnosed borderline personality disorder and, unsurprisingly, deep depression and anger problems. I explained my seething hatred for anything that could be considered "normal", because my emotional experience of the world was so diseased and unusual that… Continue reading Normal: Part Two

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Thanksgiving Is Better Than Christmas (And I Can Prove It)

The other day - it was October 28th - I went to a hardware store, fully expecting to take advantage of the wide array of spooky stuff that goes on sale a few days before Halloween. I strolled into the building with a big grin on my face, ready to spend more money than I… Continue reading Thanksgiving Is Better Than Christmas (And I Can Prove It)