Misery and Mystery, a novel

What’s the story about?

Misery and Mystery is a sci-fi/horror novel that follows two school-age girls who quietly struggle with depression and delusion. Though they are opposites in nearly every way, their lives are oddly parallel, and each believes the person she loves can save her from her suffering. There is no dialogue; emphasis is placed on the girls’ emotional experiences. Colorful, introspective, and at times violently tumultuous, Misery and Mystery chronicles the worlds that formed in my head as I grew up with borderline personality disorder.

Where can I read it?

When it’s finished, the novel will be available in full online for free in my newsletter, on Wattpad, and on this blog. I’ll release one chapter every week, along with an audiobook recording by yours truly. Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement!

How can I stay updated?

Check out the Miss Misery Newsletter! I email subscribers free stuff every Monday. Everything in my newsletter is also available on my blog.

Why should I read it?

The voices of people with borderline personality disorder are woefully underrepresented. Misery and Mystery turns an unflinching eye toward the disturbing and beautiful experiences I’ve had with BPD. 

Will Misery and Mystery be published as a physical book?

Hopefully! I’m searching for an agent to help me publish hard copies after the novel is available (again, for free) online. If you’re in the publishing business and you’re interested (or you know someone who may be), please reach out to me via social media or my contact form.

My ultimate dream is to turn the story into a graphic novel. I’ve also written music to accompany the story, which I’m working on recording.

So, big things to come–stay tuned!

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