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Surprise Update: I Published Another Book!

The book is called Borderline and you can buy it on Amazon here. It features dark poetry about sickness, lost loves, and other broken things. The book celebrates the rich depths of sorrow to which people are capable of plunging, and the beautiful things we find in the black holes we come across every now and again. This… Continue reading Surprise Update: I Published Another Book!


What Constant Dissociation Feels Like

With talk of dissociation becoming ever more prevalent, I’ve noticed a lot of people using the word to describe everything from mild boredom to extreme episodes of mental illness. While I’m grateful this phenomenon is making its way into the public spotlight, I’d like to clarify what I mean when I say I’m dissociated. It’s… Continue reading What Constant Dissociation Feels Like


The Voices In My Head Keep Me Sane

Note: I do not condone listening to advice from the voices in your head. I do not condone creating fictional relationships. I do not condone any of the choices I’ve made that are described in this essay. I simply wish to reflect on my decisions as a unique individual with borderline personality disorder. This is… Continue reading The Voices In My Head Keep Me Sane


Check Out My Patreon Page!

Hey all! Quick update - I made an account on Patreon.com! Click here to visit my page. Patreon is a website where you can support the arts by funding your favorite creative people in exchange for unique rewards. I'm offering exclusive blog posts, poetry, personal Q&As, and more in exchange for your donation. If you feel this… Continue reading Check Out My Patreon Page!


Spiraling Up: How I Rise Past Depression and Anxiety

Six months ago, I had a really hard time accomplishing anything. I had a manuscript for a short story that I had been working on for five years sitting on my desktop. I was enrolled in an online college course, but making progress was like pulling teeth. My friends dwindled in number because I didn’t… Continue reading Spiraling Up: How I Rise Past Depression and Anxiety